Some Tips On How To Stain Wood In Cold Weather

Just like the cold weather in the winter makes us wear sweaters for a longer period as we look for warmth, in the same way staining wood in cold weather can take a longer amount of time.


Since life must continue during the winter time, the big question remains: can you stain wood in cold weather?

The answer is a definite yes.

Though it works, it comes with some challenges that may give a different experience if you are used to warm weather.

It calls for patience during the whole process, as you must wait out time intervals between coats. When you urgently need to use the wood, it calls for other improvised ways that will help increase the rate at which the drying will take place.

To avoid the effects of stains when they are wet, you have to enhance and improvise ways of creating a warm environment. Some tips that will make the process very easy for you during cold weather include:

1. Create an artificial warm room.

Even through the whole environment may look cool, life should not stop. You can accelerate the drying process by ensuring your normal wood staining is done in a warm room.

Set a room aside and ensure the air inside is dry and warm; this creates an atmosphere that makes the stain dry faster.

2. Increase the temperature of the wood and the stain.

You can make work easier by increasing the temperature of the wood before you apply the stain on it. The increase in temperature will counter the temperature of the surroundings, quickening the drying process.

3. Use an accelerator or a drier.

You can blow the wood once you apply the first coat to ensure evaporation is accelerated. This will make the stain dry more quickly, making it possible to apply a new coat and finish the staining within a relatively short time period in cold weather.

These tips should make it relatively simple for you to stain in cold weather.

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Good luck!