What Is Pink Wood?

If you’re considering home construction or renovation, you may have come across the term "pink wood". You might be wondering: what is pink wood?


Notwithstanding using a CNC router that isn't expensive to achieve precise cuts for materials, this building material is actually a coating that’s designed to make construction materials more resilient to protect homes.

Why pink wood?

PinkWood is a company that’s based in Calgary, Canada and produces I-joists which are coated in a pink material.

The company also produces various other wood products that are protected by a coating known as PinkShield. The coating is designed to resist mold, fire, and moisture.

Many people wonder why the colour added to the coating is pink. The company PinkWood is a proud supporter of the Breast Cancer Foundation in Canada and wanted their products to reflect their support. They are also known for their charitable efforts and donate 20 cents of every gallon of their PinkShield products which they sell.

How did it develop?

PinkWood has a company facility located in Calgary that worked for two years to develop this coating material. Their products are primarily purchased in Western Canada but they can also be found in other countries and are starting to expand.

Marketed by the company Taiga Building Products, a new plant is underway and will have a large capacity to meet the growing demand. The new plant is anticipated to have the capacity of up to 60 million linear feet.

Since most of their products are used for construction of homes, their president wanted to develop a product that would make homes safer and longer-lasting.

This innovative product is used by some of the top contractors including Mike Holmes, the most trusted contractor in Canada. Holmes has even said that PinkWood should be minimum code for homes.

Other Factors


It’s important to note that using PinkWood in a home is going to come at a higher cost than standard construction materials.

If you choose to use I-Joists in your construction, you’re going to pay about 20% more than untreated wood. However, the benefits of fire-retardant materials that are also resistant to mold and moisture make the extra cost well worth it for many people.

As the company continues to grow, expect to see PinkWood in more newer homes.

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