What You Can Do With An Interesting Wood Router

A wood router usually does more than just cutting fancy edges. It can as well be used to whatcut flawless rabbets and dadoes or even perfect patterns, and you only are required to have the skills and know-how to go about it.

This guide will help you gain an understanding of the various uses of wood routers. You can read more about the interesting wood router uses.


Create a rounded edge.

If you would like to make a nightstand, table or bench that starts with a square edge, you can decide to round it using a router.

Many a time, rounded edges are usually more pleasing, and this might also turn out to be very useful if you have small kids and you would like to eliminate the sharp edges.

It is really easy to create rounded edges; you can learn after being shown only once.

Bevel a frame.

A wood router can come in handy if you would like to create a picture frame with a bevelled edge just out of some pieces of wood.

To start with, you can do an internet search on ‘making picture frames’. You can use the router to shape the outside or inside edges of the frame.

Make a sign.

Moreover, you can also make some beautiful signs using a router. Whatever sign it may be, all you require is a piece of wood and router.

For this, you can start by drawing the design on the piece of wood and any other instruments such as a square-end router, v-groove or round nose for hollowing out the lettering.

Make a cutting board.

You can easily use a wood route to easily make a cutting board using a rectangular piece of wood.

You should start by rounding edges of the board and then finish the piece by hollowing out a groove either one or two inches from any edge of the board all around.

The very best wood types for making cutting boards are walnut, cherry, maple and teak, which can last for long. Once you are done, you will be pleased with what you will have.

Make raised panel doors.

The raised panel doors are typically a great addition to bookshelves. The raised panel doors can also be used to replace the old cabinet doors.

This project may be a little more advanced but still, with some time as well as prior wood router experience, it's very possible.

For this project, you will require several router bits, door templates, and jigs. You can also do some research for more detailed instructions on how to go about it.

Routers can do tons of other stuff, and you only need to get yourself an interesting wood router and get started on any projects you may have in mind. What's amazing about this product is that it can deliver masterpiece works with ease, and you don't require a lot of experience to use it for the first time.